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Men are very passionate when it comes to sports in general and football in particular. Americans are no exceptions and they give a lot of attention to practicing sports in schools, colleges and professional leagues. Every town and city has its own football team that is fully supported by the locals. When we are talking about Major League of football things are even bigger and better. The National Football League teams are worshipped and cherished by fans and they go to all the matches of their favourite football team to support them and show their appreciation. The big football clubs invested a lot of money in their professional football players, so this is a real big business where there are the big bucks.

Chicago Bears is a major football team in USA and it represents the windy city in the National Football League. You feel pride and honour to belong to the fan club and supporters club of this team. Usually fans want to have something to show their connection and passion for their team, so they need some things containing the emblem of the club, autographs of the players or one of the balls thrown in the match. All the fans come to the match wearing Chicago Bears caps or jackets or any other thing to show they belong to the fans of that club.

This lead to a real business of selling all kinds of things containing the Chicago Bears logo and colours. The managers of the club even decided to have an online store, allowing people and fans from all over the country and why not from all over the world to order something online. You can find anything there, of course coloured in brown, the traditional colour of the football club , and wearing the signs of the club. There are Chicago Bears caps, jackets, football, T-shirts, blouses, anoraks and a lot of other things. But I have noticed they are really modern people and want to be on top and stayin touch with all the improvements in the computer industry. So I have seen computer mice for sale in the online store, with the club's colours and logo on them. They are even called Chicago Bears computer mice.

The Chicago Bears computer mouse is produced by Team Pro Mark and you can order it by accessing this web site costs about $ 20 and it is an optical mouse. It can be plugged directly to the USB port of your computer, but it also comes with a PS2 adaptor in the package when you purchase it online. As you can see it from the pictures above and below it is brown, the special shade of brown that is the traditional colour of the Chicago Bears Club. It tries to imitate the shape of a football and it even has features laces. The stylized letter "C", coming from "Chicago" is printed on top pf the mouse. It has three buttons and some kind of indentions that allow you to firmly grip it and avoid slipping from the hand.

The molded leather covering the computer mouse imitates the surface of the official football and at the same time make it easy to hold and comfortable at the same time. The scroll wheel is situated between the two regular buttons of the Chicago Bears computer mouse and it is coloured in white, matching the colour of the laces that surround the scroll wheel. Even though this was a management decision and the Chicago Bears computer mouse was only produced to be sold to Chicago bears fans, it was made with maximum professionalism and offers high quality product. The mouse has quite a good resolution of 800 dots per inch, allowing it to identify and transmit the signals immediately, with no problem in tracking the movements of the mouse and translating them into movements of the cursor on the computer screen.

What could be more appropriate than to pair this computer mouse with a similar Chicago Bears mouse pad that you can buy from the same place and that can both show you as the greatest fan of this great football team? You may also purchase some Chicago Bears wallpapers for your computer and you can turn from a computer geek into a proud Bears fan and football enthusiast. You can even watch all the matches of your favourite football team at home , in front of your computer, using a TV tuner and huge speakers and you could actually feel you are there, on the field , cheering and applauding the players.
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